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Located in the beautiful Piney Woods of East Texas, our goal is to breed an athletic "cow" horse with conformation, pleasing disposition, good looks, and champion bloodlines. An all around "using" horse. 

We our proud of our small, but elite, band of mares who carry proven, time tested, bloodlines. They are complimented by our two wonderful stallions who improve themselves with each baby

Our bloodlines include: Blue Valentine, Breeze Bar, Doc Bar, Docs Prescription, Doc Wilson, Gay Bar King, Handle Bar Doc,Hank Leo, Gooseberry, Hollywood Gold, Joe Hancock, Joe Reed, Jewel's Leo Bars, Jazzy Socks, King, King Jerry, Leo, Miss Buggins, Royal Silver King, Ratchett, RR Riskymastrpiece, Ris Key Business, Sugar Bars, Sonny Dee Bar, Skipper W, Skippa Star, Skips Request, Special Affects, Special Cody, The Ole Man, The Midnight Special, Triple's Image, Two Eyed Jack, Three Bars, Watch Joe Jack, Zippo Pine Bar and more!

Thank you for stopping by and while you're here, please visit our sale page.

Ranch Veterinarian:

Anthony Holcomb, DVM

Ranch Farrier:
Paul Casey Farrier Service

For information, call at 903.795.3329, 903.245.7918 or

Rolling Rock Ranch is registered in the State of Texas, County of Cherokee.
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